Ivan Romero

Ivan Romero


Iván Romero was born on 1973, in San Felix, Bolivar State, Venezuela.

His career starts doing bachelor studies in art, in the school of Plastic Arts in San Cristobal, Venezuela (1991-1993), then study Graphic Design (1993-1997), from then on he devotes himself to the development of his work, and after some years from production and research he joins the Armando Reveron University, where he studies undergraduate degree in Plastic Arts, specializing in the area of painting and sculpture (2006-2011).

For Romero “the art is like life itself”, with each work new possibilities are being found, and as in life, each step that is taken, it goes into a unique path that makes each creative experience unrepeatable; his work is developed from the original brushstroke, every gesture, each attack on the support or matter, transforms the piece in process in a convincing manner and force it to turn, to rethink until discovering the solutions in itself. This is the way in which the artist builds his works to which he dedicates many hours in the workshop, many more of observation and analysis, because for him the task has supreme importance and “nothing comes out of nowhere”.

Usually both his painting and his sculpture, originate in the natural landscape, “I usually sit down to study the forms, structures, colors and fix them in my head, after contemplation comes meditation, a very intimate way of making the observed melt and vanish in my consciousness, already loaded with all that stuff and information I go to the workspace and evoking all that I connect with the work in process to empty slowly on the support and so the experience of the lived materializes from the ethereal and diffuse to become work”

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